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Over-Stocked Tapered Oak 84" Tall Quilt Ladder, with 32+ rung length and 18" Spacing

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The new Tapered Quilt Ladder. Still, a unique and time-tested, way to display your prized quilts, throws, towels, textiles, and blankets in a limited space. Designed to take up little space and lean against any wall, this custom-made and sturdily built with our exclusive mortise and Tenon construction to prevent rungs from spinning or coming loose. All side pieces are cut at the top to lay flat against a wall, as the bottom is trimmed to lay flat on the floor. All edges are rounded and sanded smooth as to not damage your quilts or blankets.

This ladder is made out of Oak Lumber.
Rung spacing is 18" Vertical
Stained in Natural Stain
Clear Coat has been added
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