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Compression Bar With Plate Shelf Quilt Hangers (20" to 62")

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Our compression quilt racks with plate shelf is great for displaying all your collectable dishes. The shelf is 3" or 4" and is grooved with a 3/8" plate groove. . Please see below for all options and features.Our most popular Quilt Hanger to date. This wall quilt hangers display your favorite quilt or rung on any wall surface. It works by securely compressing the full length of your quilt, rung, poster, silk textile between two pieces of wood by a system of steel hanger bolts and t-nuts. Compressed with hanger bolts and wooden knobs on the front (With Knobs) or steel bolts from the back (knob-less) Customers that tend to change quilts often, prefer them with the with knobs option.

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  • Available in over 49 standard sizes.
  • Between Standard sizes available, just ask!
  • Bar measurements are Front 2-1/4" wide, back bar is 2-3/4" Wide. All stock is 3/4" Thick.
  • Top Shelf is approximately 1.25" longer then ordered hanging length.
  • Quilt does NOT come in contact with Clamping Hardware, & does NOT put holes in your Quilt.
  • Over 17 Minwax Stains and 4 Colored stains, including White Wash
  • All Steel, recessed key hole hangers, for easy hanging.
  • Currently only available in Oak Wood, others upon request
  • 2 Different Edge style. Round over and Decorative
  • Available with or without knobs
  • More knobs per Bar then other vendors
  • Select Unfinished & save yourself 10%
[tab name='Recommendation:']
  • Our Clear Coat is a recommended selectable option. Please check FAQ's for further explanation.
  • Order your hanger 2" longer for best results & Centering
  • With Knobs is slightly easier to hang a Quilt then Knob-less
  • Our favorite wood is Oak, it's an all around great material for staining.
  • White Wash looks best on OAK wood.

[tab name='How it Works:']

Your new Compression Quilt Hanger Bar consist of two parts. The Back piece, which is the piece that is attached to the wall and the Front which is compressed toward the Back piece by either tightening the knobs (IF the hanger comes with knobs) or tightening the bolts from the rear of the Back Piece. (If your hanger is knob-less) Hangs quilt and Textile by way of friction along total length of Hanger.
Start by separating the Front Piece from the Back piece. On the back piece, you will see a small hole where the (Key Hole Hangers) are attached to the hanger. These holes are meant to be used to mark the wall with a small pointed object where you want to hang the hanger on the wall.
Once you have marked the wall, Take the screws provided and screw them firmly into the wall. If you have sheet rock? Push and screw at the same time, to secure screw in wall without drilling a hole with the screws. Test Back Piece on these screws before adding quilt to hanger.
Inserting quilt into hanger. Attach Front Bar back onto Back Bar by lightly screwing knobs into t-nuts, if knob-less? lightly screw bolts back into inserts on Front Bar. Leaving room for the quilt to fit between the Front Bar and Back Bar.
Setting the assembled quilt hanger on the floor or bed with the top facing up, Slide your quilt left to right under and between the Front and the Back of the hanger to about 3/4". IF knob-less do this backwards, with the hanger facing away from you.
Tighten the knobs (if with knobs)Tighten bolts (if knob-less)
Holding up hanger, check for quilt alinement and centering. Hang quilt hanger with quilt attached over wall screws using the Steel key hole hangers Quilt Bar Hangers are attached to the wall with our exclusive Steel keyhole hanger system. Once attached to the wall, it can be easily lifted up and off the wall for easy quilt Changing.

If you would like to print a .pdf of these Instruction?
Click here: Compression Quilt Bar Hanging instructions


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